Recharge Now: 5 Detox Destinations

Personal Best: Cleanse, detox, and jevunate for the new year ahead: five new destinations.

With its vaguely Grecian architecture and imposing scale, the Mulia may not be an obvious choice for those seeking a transcendent rejuvenation experience. But the two-year-old resort's spa is impressively zen. Tucked away beneath a secluded grove of bougainvillea, it conveys an almost temple-like vibe. That serenity permeates the interior too: Guests are greeted with crisp ginger tonics and frangipani offerings before whisked away to al fresco pools and a chromotherapy room. The fully customizable wellness program lets you choose from half-day to weeklong schedules; anything from sunrise yoga to warm coconut shell massages. But perhaps the most heavenly part of the experience is is that it's never too rushed, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the resort's other best feature: your own private villa with a pool and Indian Ocean views.